Ignite Your Next Event

'The Joy Magnet'
Inspirational Speaker - Shari Alyse 

Ignite Your Next Event

'The Joy Magnet'
Inspirational Speaker - Shari Alyse 

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About Shari


Living In My Heart

Shari Alyse has known since she was a young girl that she was going to change people's lives. She has always felt this innate, deep connection to people and would find herself with complete strangers who were sharing their most challenging issues upon first meeting her. She recognized this as a gift that people easily felt a sense of comfort and ease with her. At the same time, she discovered that she loved being on stage and that sharing truths could ignite the heart and souls of all that were in the room. She was immediately hooked! Being an inspirational speaker gives Shari the opportunity to help guide and inspire. Shari feels most at home on stage as she feels fully in her heart and truly living her purpose. And her audiences agrees!  

"Shari’s energy and commitment to her audience is unparalleled. If you’re looking to learn, grow, and laugh, Shari is the perfect keynote speaker for you." - Bert Oliva, Leadership Expert & International Orator 


Ignite Your You

"I transform lives by authentically connecting to people as a keynote speaker. It's my job to show up vulnerably and truthfully, and in that showing up, I help walls come down and people tune in. As an inspirational speaker, I spark the light within my audiences which allows them to see their potential, beauty and power clearly. I take them on a journey back to their innate joy." - Shari Alyse


Go With Your Gut

If you're looking for someone who brings humor, inspiration, motivation and induces joy (with some sass), then book inspirational speaker, Shari Alyse, as your speaker for your next event!

"Shari is a joy-inducing badass!" - Jennifer Tasker, Writer & Social Media Manager

More About Shari

Shari Alyse was born in Miami, Florida and graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine arts in Theater. Shari is the author of International Best Seller, 'Love Yourself Happy'’. She has always been passionate about helping people thrive personally and in business. Coming from a theatrical background her passion to entertain and inspire has led her to be a sought-after speaker. 

Shari Alyse had her own Online TV Show called ‘Sharing with Shari’ and was featured on the Huffington Post as well as the HooplaHa Good News Network. Shari was featured on many TV Commercials and Shows, such as Time Warner, Danny SEO on NBC and on a Fox Reality show. Shari currently hosts the radio and online TV show, The J-Spot and has quite a social following for her video series, Hiking with Shari and Story Time with Shari. But all these accomplishments are just the tip of the iceberg as Shari remains humble and giving in every interaction. 

Shari was one of the Co-Founders of The Wellness Universe, a community of holistic practitioners, coaches, and thought leaders who are positively impacting the world to help create happy, healthy and whole people. While she no longer is an active Co-Founder, Shari proudly helped build the community to a collective reach and following of over 10 million people while leading it with passion, integrity and a deep commitment to each member to help them strive to be their best.

Her commitment to inspire others is motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas. Shari has spent her life learning how to love herself fully and completely. Shari helps women and men discover their joy by reconnecting them back to themselves through the practice of self-love. Shari Alyse delivers.

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